Understanding the Need for Meter Replacement Over time, water meters can lose their accuracy, leading to incorrect water readings. This inaccuracy can cause discrepancies in billing, resulting in either overcharging or undercharging consumers. To address this issue, Pili Water District is undertaking a water meter replacement initiative. By replacing outdated meters with new, more accurate ones, we aim to ensure precise and fair billing for all our consumers.

Addressing Concerns About Potential Bill Increases One of the primary concerns consumers may have regarding this initiative is the potential for increased water bills. The new meters are designed to provide more accurate readings of water consumption. If the current meter has been accurately recording usage, the bill will not change significantly. However, if the current meter has been under-reporting water usage, consumers may notice an increase in their bill. This increase will only reflect the actual amount of water consumers are using, ensuring that consumers are billed fairly and accurately.

No Retroactive Billing Adjustments It’s important to note that the District does not intend to make any retroactive billing adjustments for past under-billings. The purpose of this initiative is to improve the accuracy of future billing, not to penalize consumers for inaccuracies.

The water meter replacement initiative brings several benefits, including fair billing, efficient billing processes, and enhanced water management. Accurate water meters ensure that consumers are only billed for the water they actually use, promoting fairness. The new meters will streamline the billing process, reducing errors and improving efficiency. Furthermore, accurate water usage data helps the District manage water resources more effectively, ensuring a sustainable water supply for all. By addressing inaccuracies in water usage readings, we aim to provide a transparent and efficient billing process.