A. New Service Connection
Registration Fee
Description Amount
Residential/Government 250.00
Commercial/Industral 850.00
Water Meter
Description Amount
Water Meter Maintenance (1/2) 1,900.00
Installation Fee
Description Amount
Distribution Main 1,200.00
Stub-Out – National Highway 2,100.00
Stub-Out – Barangay Road 1,500.00
Tap to Existing Service Connection 500.00
Boring Fee
Description Amount
National Road 2,100.00
Barangay Road 1,700.00
Concrete Breaking Fee
Description Amount
National Road 600.00
Barangay Road 400.00
Concrete Restoration
Description Amount
National Road 2,900.00
Barangay Road 700.00
Asphalt Overlay
Description Amount
Asphalt Overlay Fee 4,700.00
Description Amount
Pipelaying Fee 15.00/meter
B. Reconnection – Meter
Description Amount
Residential/Government 350.00
Commercial/Industral 500.00
C. Reconnection – Distribution Main
Description Amount
Residential/Government 900.00
Commercial/Industral 1,200.00
D. Transfer/Retapping of Service Connection
Description Amount
Transfer/Retapping of Service Connection 1,200.00
E. Relocation of Water Meter
Description Amount
Relocation of Water Meter 300.00
F. Repair of Service Connection – after meter
Description Amount
Repair of Service Connection 200.00/fitting
G. Temporary Disconnection
Description Amount
Temporary Disconnection 200.00 + Cost of Brass Ball Valve
H. Reclassification of Account
Description Amount
Temporary Disconnection 100
I. Water Quality Testing
Description Amount
Urgent Result 2,900.00
To be included in the Monthly Water Test 500.00
J. Water Meter Accuracy Testing
Description Amount
Testing Fee 300.00
K. Certifications
Description Amount
To be used for Business Purposes 150.00
Other Purposes 100.00
*All Materials to be used shall be priced at 10% mark-up