What are the Grounds for Disconnection of My Water Service Connection?

Water service shall be disconnected ion any of the following cases:

  • Default in the payment of any of the monthly water bill shall be subject to disconnection
  • Upon request of concessionaire
  • Repair of water system
  • Fraudulent use of water and violations of terms and conditions stipulated in the sworn Affidavit of Undertaking
How can I reconnect my water service account?
  • Water services can be reactivated after full payment of the concessionaire’s account arrearages and the reconnection charger
  • Grace Period – No reconnection fee will be imposed to customers who settled their arrearages within the 24 hours period after the disconnection

    • B. Reconnection of Water Meter after Grace Period


      • Residential – ₱350.00
      • Commercial – ₱500.00

    • C. Reconnection – Distribution Main


      • Residential – ₱900
      • Commercial – ₱1,200.00
Who is responsible for the repair in case of damage/leak of my water service connection?
  • For leak Before Water Meter, repair must be done by the District personnel, materials for the repair shall be charged to the concessionaire
  • For leak After Water Meter, repair must be done by an outside plumber
How to find hidden water leaks at home?
  • Check your water meter – Turn off all your faucet at home, check if the spinner rotates, If it does you have a leak on your on your after-meter connection
  • Check outside – Check your front lawn and outside pipe for hidden leaks
  • Monitor your water bill – Compare your previous water bill to your current bill, if your consumption is higher than your usual usage, this may indicate that you have an unnoticed leak on your in-house plumbing
  • Grab some food coloring – Take the toilet test, add a few drops of food coloring to your toilet tank and wait for 10 minutes. If the color shows up in your bowl, then you have a leak
Can I pay my bill even without my printed water bill?

Yes you can! If you are enrolled to PIWAD Text Billing Service, you will receive an SMS copy of your water bill which you can present to our collecting agents upon payment as reference