To receive billing-related advisories via SMS, register to PIWAD TEXTBILL SERVICE by filling up the required form

Customer may also inquire your water bill thru TEXT via PIWAD BILL INQUIRY SERVICE

For water bill inquiry, just text the following details: PIWADBILL<space>ACCOUNT CODE<space>ACCOUNT NUMBER and send to 0918-928-1789

Example: PIWADBILL 123456 111-23-4567

  1. Select ‘Pay Bills’ on the GCash Dashboard
  2. Select Water Utilities
  3. Choose Pili Water District as the biller
  4. Input your account details, including your account number, six(6) Digit Code No. (This can be found in the upper portion of your bill), Customer Name, Amount Due and your Email Address
  5. Click ‘Next’ and confirm your transaction on the next screen
Note: you will receive an SMS with your bill payment details. If you also input your email address, you will get an electronic receipt in your email confirming your transaction
  1. Go to Load, Bill and eServices product module then tap Water
  2. Select Pili Water as the biller, input account details and amount due
  3. Select payment method then tap confirm
  4. Tap ‘Pay Now’. Once payment is successful, you will receive your payment details
  1. Tap ‘Bills’ on the Maya Dashboard
  2. Tap ‘Water Utilities’
  3. Select ‘Pili Water’ as biller
  4. Enter your PIWAD account details, select ‘Continue, Review your payment details and of correct tap ‘Pay’
  1. Go to and click on Link.BizPortal
  2. Click on ‘Pay Now’
  3. Select ‘Pili Water District’ as the Merchant and click continue
  4. Select the ‘Transaction Type’
  5. Choose your ‘Payment Option’
  6. Fill out your payment details and key in all the account details then click Continue. View/Print Payment Confirmation Receipt
Payment Centers
  • Don Viajero Travel & Tours
  • RD Pawnshop
  • LCC Supermarket
  • SM Supermarket
  • True Money