The initial pilot testing was conducted to understand the present condition of the area. The trial testing on the pressure zone was also completed during the first phase of the study.

The district metered area (DMA) is the sectioning of the distribution network to monitor in-flow and out-flow in the area. The main purpose of DMA is to monitor leakages and to allow the District to efficiently manage pressure in its distribution system. It is also one of the effective ways to ensure that the percentage of Non-Revenue Water is at its minimum level.

During the activity, data loggers and flow meters were installed at strategic areas within La Paz Subdivision in Barangay Anayan, Pili. For one month, personnel from the Planning Section and Construction Maintenance Division have closely monitored the pressure and usage of each household within the designated DMA.

Results of the study will be the basis for plans and programs to target the main area of concern in the zone. DMA also allows the District to closely monitor leakages and possible illegal water connections in specific zones. 

As of now, the District is in the process of establishing baseline data before carrying out the entire project in its Distribution System. The project is part of the continual process improvement to ensure delivery of the highest standard of service to our concessionaires.