On March 14, 2023, the Pili Water District held its quarterly staff meeting, marking the beginning of a series of gatherings aimed at fostering communication, addressing concerns, and aligning strategies among its employees. The meeting, chaired by the GM Annafe Collao-Pato, brought together Department Heads, supervisors, and staff members to deliberate on matters pertinent to organizational functionality and employee welfare.

One of the focal points of the meeting was the introduction and discussion of new and revised office and HR policies. These policies are designed to enhance operational efficiency, ensure compliance, and promote a conducive work environment. Addressing concerns regarding these policies was instrumental in fostering a shared understanding and adherence among staff members.

In addition to addressing immediate concerns, the meeting served as an avenue to outline scheduled activities and upcoming events. By providing visibility into initiatives and collaborative endeavors, the meeting sought to instill a sense of purpose and alignment among staff members, fostering a culture of proactive participation and collective responsibility.

The first quarterly staff meeting of the Pili Water District exemplified a commitment to transparency, collaboration, and employee empowerment. By facilitating open dialogue, soliciting feedback, and prioritizing the welfare of its workforce, the district demonstrated its dedication to nurturing a work environment conducive to innovation, productivity, and sustainable growth.