Pili Water District upholds the right to privacy of its data subjects.  This Privacy Policy governs the collection, processing, storage and disclosure of personal information of the data subjects when transacting with PIWAD to comply with the requirements of the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Changes to this Policy Statement

Pili Water District may subject this statement to changes whenever deemed necessary to keep up with the changes in relevant laws and regulations.  If significant changes are made, notices will be provided through posting on the Water District’s official website.  Nothing in this Data Privacy Policy shall limit the rights of data subjects under the Data Privacy Act.


PIWAD collects personal information from its data subjects that may be provided or delivered to PIWAD through whatever means, whether by analog or electronic means, such as but not limited to filled-out forms, letters, contracts, legal documents, telephone conversations, or face to face meetings or messaged received by Pili WD contained in electronic messages, SMS messages, electronic messaging services, mobile,  or through the Pili Water District’s website (, or those sent through social media platforms such as Facebook, as well as other information technology applications that may now or hereafter be used for communication.

These personal information may be collected during the ordinary course of business of Pili Water District such as when accepting applications for water service connections, reconnection, disconnection, billing, payment or collection and may include the name, address, contact details, and other identification particulars such as identification cards, membership data, use of products and services transaction activity, patterns, account history, as well as financial, educational and demographic data.

Personal information is collected through the following means:

  • Interactions with PIWAD’s official website – i.e. history of interactions, Internet Protocol (IP) address, information about devices used and browser.  This also includes the names, addresses, contact details, and other personal information provided;
  • Personal interaction with PIWAD personnel;
  • The information provided in line with the services of PIWAD;
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae which aspiring applicants submit to PIWAD.


Pili Water District may use your personal information to allow employees to assist you in compliance of the requirements of your account.

With your consent, Pili Water District will use your personal information to provide you with marketing and advertising about our products and services.  You may opt out of this at any time by letting us know through [email protected]

Your personal information shall not be used for any purpose that is contrary to the law or in any manner which you were not notified of.


Pili Water District shall share personal information acquired in the following instances:

  • With the consent of the data subject, whether express or implied, provided that the use or processing of personal information is compatible with the purpose for which it was collected;
  • Pili Water District staff who may require it to perform official duties;
  • Where it is necessary to meet the purpose(s) for which the data subject as provided the personal information;
  • Where the Water District has engaged a third party to support the services it provides.  Any such engagements shall be covered by Data Sharing Agreements.

Your personal information shall never be sold and we take measures to keep your information safe and secure.


Pili Water District undertakes reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the personal information it collected or was collected in its behalf.


Upon a valid written request by the data subject, the Water District undertakes:

  • To provide the data subject with access to his personal information;
  • To correct an error or omission in his personal information in the possession or control of Pili Water District subject to the verification and confirmation using official records that shows the errors of the data collected.


All personal information collected is held in a secured database.  Though it is impossible to guarantee the security of any computer system, the Water District undertakes to implement reasonable organizational, physical and security measures to protect personal information against any accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration and disclosures, s well as against any other lawful processing.


The Water District will keep the personal information for as long as necessary:

  • To fulfill the declared, specific, and legitimate purposes for which the personal information is received;
  • For the exercise of legal or business purposes that are consistent with the standards established or approved by relevant government authorities.
  • Based on the Water District’s Approved Records and Dispositions Schedule.

Thereafter, the Water District will cease to retain the personal information, which shall then be disposed in a secured manner that would prevent its further processing or unauthorized use or disclosure.


Data subjects may exercise the following rights under the Data Privacy Act:

  • Request a copy of the information we have;
  • Inform us to refrain from using your information;
  • Dispute the inaccuracy of the information and have it corrected;
  • Suspend, withdraw, or order the removal of the information entirely;
  • Be compensated for any damages sustained by incorrect, false unlawfully obtained, or unauthorized use of information

Contact us:

If you have any other concerns regarding this policy statement, please contact our Data Protection Officer through the following details:

Postal Address             :           Sta. Rita Industrial Park, San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur, Philippines
Email Address             :           [email protected]