By: Marijean Molina

Building a Better Normal

The pandemic has rendered our mobility limited, the need to undergo health protocols and the long queues in every establishment has also limited our time. Patiently we submit and wait for our turn. Despite the protocols now being a little permissive, still, we need to be always on guard for the unseen enemy.  The pandemic has caught us unprepared. Now that we are aware, that the onset of another virus can happen again at any time, we should be prepared this time.

Connect with us through Contactless Transactions

PIWAD has the best interest of its concessionaires at heart. Our concessionaires’ safety and convenience are one of the district’s primary concerns. Aside from the health and safety controls integrated into our office procedures, the district has developed several contactless service and operation processes. Customer service system innovations were devised to adapt to the new normal and make it better.

PIWAD Text Billing System

Aside from the Read and Bill System’s printed version of the bill, e-bills are sent thru SMS to concessionaires. One only needs to register his cellphone number online or thru the Customer Service Kiosk located in the PIWAD lobby.

Customer Service Kiosk

Service procedures can be accessed thru the Customer Service Kiosk. One can tap the Customer Service Kiosk for bill inquiries, complaints, enrollment of contact numbers, requests for repairs, reports of illegal connections, and sending of feedbacks.

SMS Payment Prompts and Reminders

Automatic reminders of due dates, disconnection dates, and payment text acknowledgment are sent thru SMS to concessionaires. Registration of contact number is required to avail of this service.

PIWAD Text Inquiry

Concessionaires may inquire about their water thru text by keying the required details to the PIWAD text hotline.

Contactless Payments

Concessionaires may now access four channels to manage their payments online. They can pay thru the Landbank Linkbiz Portal, GCash, PayMaya and Shopee Pay.


PIWAD’s Facebook page serves as an online customer support. Concessionaires can send their concerns thru messenger.

Launching of PIWAD Vlog Series Soon to be rolling out a series of video production with content discussing different topics for concessionaires to learn about the district’s services, policies, rules, and regulations.